English Bulldog Feeding

English Bulldog Feeding

A frequent question we always receive from our clients has to do with the type of food and feeding technics we provide to our English bulldogs. It is very important to keep in mind that English bulldogs are somewhat different to most breeds, and the fact that correct feeding technics are of utmost importance during and after their full development.

Your English bulldog puppy does not know anything about nutrition. He only knows what tastes good. It is up to you to know what and how to feed your buddy so he will get everything he needs to stay healthy and happy.

Nutrients Necessities
Your English bulldog puppy needs proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals for uptime growth and health.

Proteins are used for growth and repair of muscles, bones and other bodily tissues. They are also used for production of antibodies, enzymes and hormones.

Carbohydrates are metabolized into glucose, the body’s principal energy source.

Fats are also used for energy, along with hormone production, nervous system function and vitamin transport.

Vitamins and minerals participate in muscle and nerve function, bone growth, healing, metabolism and fluid balance.

English bulldogs also need plenty of fresh, clean water. Adequate water intake also helps prevent formation of urinary stones, which is potential problem for this breed.

At WB English bulldogs we recommend to new English bulldog families to continue to provide the same type of food the breeder was using prior to the release of the puppy. In our case we like to use Taste of the Wild (LAMB). We have used several other brands over the years and so far taste of the wild (LAMB) has worked great for our puppies and adults.

When feeding our English bulldog puppies for sale, we take into consideration things such as the amount of protein and fat they should receive in the first few weeks of age. There are other brands in the market that may provide the same or at least close to the same amount of protein and fat but important things such as ingredients of the food, allergies it might cause, as well as the amount of waste the dog will produce along with the characteristic gas passing “feature” that comes standard with this breed are things that one should always keep in mind when selecting the food you want to feed your new English bulldog puppy.

As professional breeders of English bulldogs we always let our clients know about the food we give to our puppies as well as other supplements that we use so that new owners of the English bulldog puppies can continue with the same process; but we do understand that a lot of times people may decide to change both the type of food and feeding technics based on what they may consider it is correct or better for their English bulldogs or perhaps after receiving veterinarian advise.

For those of you who have decided to continue to use Taste of the wild we do make emphasis that the one type we feed our English bulldog puppies is labeled as taste of the wild (LAMB) .

The number of times you feed an English bulldog puppy is also very important. The younger the puppy is the more often one has to feed the puppy. For breeders it is a lot of work due to the fact that we have to care for the puppies since day one, feeding them at least every two (2) hours. By the time we usually release our English bulldog puppies to their new loving families the puppies will be at least eight (8) weeks old and they will be eating solid food. At this stage it is recommended to feed the puppies three (3) times a day; once in the morning, afternoon, and early evening. Sometimes due to a matter of schedule or advise from friends, breeders or veterinarians; families will feed the puppy two (2) times a day which will make things a little bit easy for the family training the English bulldog, and if this is the case the correct amount of food should be provided to the puppy based on their body weight as well as the age of the puppy. A feeding guide or table should be available to you on the bag of food you use.

In most cases it is recommended for an English bulldog to be on the puppy formula for the first year of life and then a gradual change to an adult formula containing the same nutrients should be given.

It is important to keep in mind that if you as an English bulldog puppy owner encounter any issues with your dog such as allergies or other common illnesses among bulldogs then veterinarian advise should be taken.

Why should you provide supplements to your English bulldog if the food has all they need?

There is no doubt that using a premium food to feed your English bulldog puppy is the smart thing to do. This food will provide the puppy with the nutrients needed to have a long healthy life, but as breeders we use other things to supplement the diet of our English bulldogs so that we can keep them away as much as possible from common illnesses among them.

The use of the right type of supplements from an early stage in the development of the dog is key when raising English bulldogs than with a lot of other breeds. This is due to the fact that English bulldogs have a weaker skeletal system and a lower immune system than other breeds. Having the presence of supplements will help the puppy to develop into a healthier adult.

Ester Vitamin C is a great supplement to give English bulldogs since it will help make the joints stronger and help with the very common illness such as “Hip Dysplasia”. Eggs, cod liver oil, chicken breast, some vegetables are also great for them.

Along with the food we use we also recommend the multi vitamin NuVet, which is a human grade product, made with natural ingredients. It helps with a lot of the common issues the English bulldog breed encounters during their life. For detail information on NuVet and how to order instructions please visit our website and click on the link on top that says NuVet.

If you think you still have questions about the right food to feed your English bulldog puppy or the correct supplement or multi vitamins you can use; please feel free to contact us. Remember that English bulldogs are the best breed in the world; therefor quality food, treats and supplements are ideal when having them as pets. Tim Hardaway Womens Jersey

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