English Bulldog Puppy Vaccination

English Bulldog Puppy Vaccination

After you have received your new English bulldog puppy be mindful about the importance of continuing with the vaccination process for your bulldog puppy. Puppy vaccines are of utmost importance and essential process to ensure your new English bulldog puppy’ health and to prevent any deadly infections.

How do English bulldog vaccinations work?

The vaccine for your new bulldog puppy is an injection with antigents of the viruses to trigger a response from the puppy’ immune system. This response is considered to be effective to protect the bulldog puppy from the viruses injected into the dog’ body. This vaccines will boost the immune system of the puppy to avoid placing his health at risk. Antigens are large protein molecules that are found on a virus’ surface. They are the ones that trigger the dog’s immune response. Once the antigen enters the body, the immune system becomes mildly-stimulated and familiar with the virus. So when your English bulldog is exposed to the same virus, the immune system can easily recognize it and know how to fight it off – reducing the effects and severity of the disease the virus could have caused.

Core vaccines, Non-core and not recommended vaccines

Depending on your veterinarian a number of different vaccines may be recommended for your new English bulldog puppy. It is important to understand the importance of vaccinations but also it is a good idea to get familiar with the different types of vaccines your English bulldog puppy can receive, which ones are a must and which ones are optional.

There are 3 different groups or types of vaccines you may find available for your English bulldog. Core vaccines, non-core vaccines, and non recommended vaccines. Core vaccines are the ones your English bulldog puppy will need for sure, these are vital considering the risk of exposure, severity and even the possibility of virus transmission to people. This vaccines include canine parvovirus, canine distemper, canine adenovirus and rabies.

Non-core vaccines include lyme desease, kennel cough, canine parainfluenza, kennel cough.

Other dog vaccinations, including the Canine coronavirus vaccine, the porphyromonas vaccine, and the giardia vaccine, are also available in many clinics. However, veterinarians do not recommend them for most dogs. Non-core vaccinations are advisable for dogs, who live in or travel to areas where the diseases are prevalent.

WB English bulldogs will only release an English bulldog puppy to his new family up to date on vaccination based on the puppy’s age at the time of purchase. We currently vaccinate our puppies with one of the top brands in America Duramune Max 5-CvK/4L The Puppyshot Booster.

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